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Hall Effect Measurement
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Bombardment and raster scanning with a fine-focused ion beam of cesium or oxygen primary ions, and mass analysis of positive and negative sputtered secondary ions. Depth profiling of dopants and trace contaminants within thin films and surfaces of advanced materials.

Main applications for SIMS Analysis by Cameca magnetic sector SIMS:
  • Dopant and impurity depth profiling in Si, BPGS, PV solar cells (such as CuInGaSe and CdTe thin films), II-VI, and III-V thin films
  • Impurity and contamination measurement in Cu films for Cu interconnection in place of Al, Mo films for back contact of solar cells, and other metal films
  • Composition depth profiles for III-V and CuInGaSe solar thin films,  and Cd and Nitrogen diffusion in CuInGaSe solar thin films
  • Depth profiles or bulk analysis of starting materials, including B, Al, C, N, O, F and S in Si, SiC, II-V, III-V and other materials
  • High-precision dose matching for the ion-implanted species such as B, P, As
  • Conversional SIMS measurements and cross contamination measurements for the implanted and annealed wafers.